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Above is an example of treasure signs and symbols carved into rock that can be found along most highways in the USA and Canada.

These symbols in stone, usually Spanish symbols, were used by the Spanish in a mapping system they designed to hide all their rich gold mines in the new world. These symbols often showed an old Spanish trail that was protected with death traps. The tree carving in the area would usually get you onto the right trail to the hidden gold mine along with the multiple symbols carved in stone. When interpreted properly these symbols in stone allow you to follow the coded symbolic instructions to the location of their hidden gold and silver mines and treasure storage vaults.

We will teach you to understand how this system works so you will be able to read and  follow the symbols to the hidden mines and treasure vaults.

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Once you have found a Spanish treasure site these are some of the symbols in stone and pictographs you will see carved into stone on the landscape along the treasure trail:

The carved boulder that looks like a chair represents a Spanish Campsite; the Woman represents the Virgin Mary and is a Silver symbol; the Duck indicates a water source and represents a water trap.

Many stones found on USA and Canadian beaches are actually markers left by the Spanish. These markers guide you to an area where you will find detailed coded maps to a buried treasure nearby. This buried treasure is probably from an ancient shipwreck. These stones were the only way they could mark a shipwreck site in most Southern locations. They were also known to build a series of underground treasure vaults in bedrock.                                                                          

To see more examples of symbols you will find in the landscape and to read exciting stories on treasure hunting and shipwrecks, go to
www.historicsitesandshipwrecks.com Signs and Symbols page, and click on Hand Drawn Symbols. A lot of these symbols can be seen driving along highways using binoculars, or a telescope. Great fun when traveling in a motorhome!

Email Us at: tim@rvtreasurehuntersclub.com

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